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Artists beginning with 'S'

The Script Hall Of Fame 85 BPM

The Seahorses Love Is The Law 87 BPM

The Shamen Boss Drum Mix 116 BPM

The Shamen Destination Eschaton Vission Lorimer Dome Mix 130 BPM

The Shamen Destination Eschaton 126 BPM

The Shamen Love, Sex, Inteligence Beatmasters Vocal 127 BPM

The Shamen Phorever People Beatmasters Heavenly Mix 125 BPM

The Shins Phantom Limb 120 BPM

The Sisters Of Mercy Lucretia 130 BPM

The Smiths A Rush And A Push And This Land Is Ours 110 BPM

The Smiths Accept Yourself 149 BPM

The Smiths Ask 167 BPM

The Smiths Bigmouth Strikes Again 135 BPM

The Smiths Cemetery Gates 105 BPM

The Smiths Girlfriend In A Coma 104 BPM

The Smiths Hand In Glove 142 BPM

The Smiths Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 115 BPM

The Smiths How Soon Is Now? 95 BPM

The Smiths I Want The One I Can't Have 189 BPM

The Smiths Panic 130 BPM

The Smiths Sheila Take A Bow 126 BPM

The Smiths Shoplifters Of The World Unite 85 BPM

The Smiths Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before 134 BPM

The Smiths Sweet And Tender Hooligan 181 BPM

The Smiths The Boy With The Thorn In His Side 117 BPM

The Smiths The Headmaster Ritual 150 BPM

The Smiths There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 136 BPM

The Smiths This Charming Man 208 BPM

The Smiths What Difference Does It Make? 163 BPM

The Smiths Work Is A Four Letter Word 132 BPM

The Smiths You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby 144 BPM

The Spin Doctors The The Harder I Cry Bigger I Laugh 151 BPM

The Spin Doctors Cleopatra's Cat 99 BPM

The Spin Doctors Jimmy Olsen's Blues 110 BPM

The Spin Doctors She Used To Be Mine 106 BPM

The Spin Doctors You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast 125 BPM

The Stone Roses Fool's Gold Rabbit In The Moon Mix 123 BPM

The Stone Roses I Am The Resurrection 128 BPM

The Streets Don't Mug Yourself 180 BPM

The Streets Has It Come To This LP Mix 130 BPM

The Streets Let's Push Things Forward 69 BPM

The Streets Weak Become Heroes Original Mix 130 BPM

The Streets Weak Become Heroes Royksopp Remix 126 BPM

The Streets Let's Push Things Forward 138 BPM

The Streets Same Ol Thing 130 BPM

The Strokes Hard To Explain 165 BPM

The Strokes Last Night 208 BPM

The Strokes Someday 212 BPM

The Strokes Reptilla 123 BPM

S Club 7 Never Had A Dream Come True 61 BPM

S Club 7 Reach Radio 167 BPM

S Club 7 Don't Stop Movin' 117 BPM

Sade By Your Side 73 BPM

Sade Smooth Operator 118 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing 97 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Champagne 98 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Gitty Up 105 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Gitty Up 107 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa R U Ready 98 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Whatta Man 89 BPM

Salt 'N Pepa Tramp 98 BPM

Salt N Pepa Push It 130 BPM

Salt N Pepa I Am Down 100 BPM

Sam Smith - Stay With Me 84 BPM

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One 82 BPM

Santana Evil Ways 117 BPM

Savage Garden Affirmation 170 BPM

Savage Garden The Animal Song 116 BPM

Savage Garden Crash & Burn 102 BPM

Savage Garden Hold Me 90 BPM

Savage Garden I Knew I Loved You 85 BPM

Savage Garden I Want You Import Version 106 BPM

Savage Garden I Want You Bastone Club mix 124 BPM

Savage Garden To The Moon And Back 103 BPM

Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply 84 BPM

Scissor Sisters Laura Radio 110 BPM

Scissor Sisters Mary JXL Mix 131 BPM

Scissor Sisters Filthy/Gorgeous Album 132 BPM

Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancin 108 BPM

Screaming Trees All I Know 87 BPM

Screaming Trees Sworn And Broken 84 BPM

Screaming Trees Nearly Lost You 202 BPM

Scritti Politti Born To Be 67 BPM

Scritti Politti Die Alone 90 BPM

Scritti Politti First Goodbye 71 BPM

Scritti Politti Here Come July 170 BPM

Scritti Politti Mystic Handyman 89 BPM

Scritti Politti Prince Among Men 91 BPM

Scritti Politti Smith N Happy 91 BPM

Scritti Politti The World You Understand 104 BPM

Scritti Politti Tinseltown To Boogietown 91 BPM

Scritti Politti Umm 128 BPM

Scritti Politti Absolute 115 BPM

Scritti Politti Don't Work That Hard 115 BPM

Scritti Politti Flesh & Blood 68 BPM

Scritti Politti Hypnotize 97 BPM

Scritti Politti Lover To Fall 132 BPM

Scritti Politti Perfect Way 105 BPM

Scritti Politti Small Talk 111 BPM

Scritti Politti The Word Girl 67 BPM

Scritti Politti Wood Beez 115 BPM

Scritti Politti All That We Are 125 BPM

Seal Fly Like An Eagle 97 BPM

Seal Human Beings 98 BPM

Seal Kiss From A Rose 44 BPM

Seal Lost My Faith Remix 81 BPM

Seal Newborn Friend 114 BPM

Semisonic Closing Time 92 BPM

Semisonic Delicious Remix 96 BPM

Semisonic Down In Flames 121 BPM

Semisonic fnt 100 BPM

Semisonic Secret Smile 99 BPM

Semisonic Singing In My Sleep 135 BPM

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen 149 BPM

Sex Pistols EMI (Unlimited Edition) 150 BPM

Shabba Ranks Let’s Get It On 83 BPM

Shabba Ranks Shine Eye Gal 81 BPM

Shaggy Angel 85 BPM

Shaggy Dance & Shout 113 BPM

Shaggy Dance & Shout 114 BPM

Shaggy Hope Album Version 101 BPM

Shaggy Sexy Body Girls 101 BPM

Shaggy Strength Of A Woman 86 BPM

Shaggy Luv Me, Luv Me 97 BPM

Shakin' Stevens This Ole House 192 BPM

Shania Twain Come On Over 76 BPM

Shania Twain Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) 122 BPM

Shania Twain From This Moment On 68 BPM

Shania Twain Honey, I'm Home 160 BPM

Shania Twain I'm Gonna Getcha Good! 124 BPM

Shania Twain I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save Life) 157 BPM

Shania Twain I'm Outta Here 120 BPM

Shania Twain I'm Outta Here Remix 121 BPM

Shania Twain Love Gets Me Every Time 123 BPM

Shania Twain Love Gets Me Every Time Dance Mix 123 BPM

Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like A Woman 126 BPM

Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like A Woman 125 BPM

Shania Twain No One Needs To Know 134 BPM

Shania Twain Rock This Country! 129 BPM

Shania Twain That Don't Impress Me Much 125 BPM

Shania Twain Up 126 BPM

Shania Twain The Woman In Me 62 BPM

Shania Twain You Win My Love 128 BPM

Shania Twain You're Still The One 67 BPM

Shania Twain You're Still The One 130 BPM

Shania Twain You've Got A Way 66 BPM

Shania Twain You've Got A Way 67 BPM

Shania Twain Forever And For Always 86 BPM

Shania Twain Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? The Woman In Me 132 BPM

Shania Twain Any Man Of Mine The Woman In Me 78 BPM

Shania Twain The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You) The Woman In Me 62 BPM

Sheryl Crow All I Wanna Do 121 BPM

Sheryl Crow Anything But Down 121 BPM

Sheryl Crow Can't Cry Anymore 111 BPM

Sheryl Crow A Change Would Do You Good 127 BPM

Sheryl Crow D'yer Mak'er 85 BPM

Sheryl Crow The Difficult Kind 74 BPM

Sheryl Crow Every Day Is A Winding Road 113 BPM

Sheryl Crow Home 82 BPM

Sheryl Crow If It Makes You Happy 95 BPM

Sheryl Crow Leavin' Las Vegas 81 BPM

Sheryl Crow My Favorite Mistake 105 BPM

Sheryl Crow Soak Up The Sun 120 BPM

Sheryl Crow Steve McQueen The Minge Binge Great Escape 127 BPM

Sheryl Crow Strong Enough 77 BPM

Sheryl Crow Sweet Child O' Mine Mix 124 BPM

Sheryl Crow Sweet Child O' Mine 124 BPM

Shirley Bassey This Is My Life (La Vita) 124 BPM

Shirley Bassey Goldfinger 108 BPM

Sia - Chandelier 88 BPM

Silverchair Abuse Me 103 BPM

Silverchair Ana's Song (Open Fire) 81 BPM

Silverchair Anthem For The Year 88 BPM

Silverchair Freak 118 BPM

Silverchair The Greatest View 80 BPM

Silverchair Stoned 94 BPM

Silverchair Tomorrow 77 BPM

Simply Red Angel 90 BPM

Simply Red Something Got Me Started 112 BPM

Simply Red Stars 104 BPM

Sinead O'Connor No Man's Woman 90 BPM

Sinead O'Connor Troy 133 BPM

Siouxsie And The Banshees O Baby 108 BPM

Siouxsie And The Banshees Cities In Dust 120 BPM

Siouxsie And The Banshees Kiss Them For Me 133 BPM

Sisqo Can I Live 101 BPM

Sisqo Dance For Me 114 BPM

Sisqo Got To Get It 102 BPM

Sisqo Incomplete 60 BPM

Sisqo Thong Song 122 BPM

Sister Sledge Frankie 166 BPM

Sister Sledge We Are Family 117 BPM

Sixpence None The Richer Breathe Your Name 98 BPM

Word Sixpence None The Richer Don't Dream It's Over 81 BPM

Sixpence None The Richer Kiss Me 100 BPM

Sixpence None The Richer Love 76 BPM

Skrillex Hey Sexy Lady 145 BPM

Skrillex Bangarang 110 BPM

Slayer Raining Blood 247 BPM

Slayer Necrophobic 248 BPM

Hardcore Slayer Postmortem 240 BPM

Hardcore Slayer The Anti-christ 240 BPM

Hardcore Slayer Angel Of Death 237 BPM

Hardcore Slayer Dittohead 228 BPM

Hardcore Slayer Seasons In The Abyss 300 BPM

Slayer War Ensamble 307 BPM

Slipknot Left Behind Alternative Version 153 BPM

Slipknot My Plague New Abuse Mix 169 BPM

Slipknot Spit It Out 140 BPM

Slipknot Wait And Bleed 180 BPM

Slipknot Psychosocial 135 BPM

Slipknot Snuff 124 BPM

Sly & The Family Stone Family Affair 107 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Crestfallen 84 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins The End Is The Beginning Is The 120 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins The Everlasting Gaze 147 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins I Of The Mourning 133 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Muzzle 88 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins (Nineteen Seventy Nine) 127 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Vocal Mix 127 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Perfect 114 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Stand Inside Your Love 135 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Thirty - Three 64 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Thirty - Three 63 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins To Sheila 55 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight 146 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Zero 127 BPM

Smashing Pumpkins Tarantula 145 BPM

Smashmouth All Star 104 BPM

Smashmouth Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 124 BPM

Smashmouth Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 123 BPM

Smashmouth Holiday In My Head 124 BPM

Smashmouth I'm A Believer 165 BPM

Smashmouth Pacific Coast Party 122 BPM

Smashmouth Pacific Coast Party Lorimer Dirty Mix 130 BPM

Smashmouth Pacific Coast Party Olav Basoski Remix 129 BPM

Smashmouth Stoned 84 BPM

Smashmouth Then The Morning Comes 119 BPM

Smashmouth Walkin' On The Sun 123 BPM

Smashmouth Walkin' On The Sun Love Attack Mix 123 BPM

Smashmouth Waste 89 BPM

Smashmouth Why Can't We Be Friends 202 BPM

Snap Exterminate AC II " 126 BPM

Snap Rhythm Is A Dancer Mix 124 BPM

Snoop Dogg From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace 97 BPM

Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg 107 BPM

Snoop Dogg Still A G Thang 98 BPM

Snoop Dogg Drop It Like Its Hot 92 BPM

Snoop Dogg It Blows My Mind 95 BPM

Snoop Dogg Nothing But A G Thang Bside Club Mix 93 BPM

Snoop Dogg Beautiful 101 BPM

Snoop Dogg Ups And Downs 96 BPM

Snoop Dogg Vato 92 BPM

Snoop Dogg Candy 100 BPM

Snoop Dogg Nothing But A G Thang 94 BPM

Snoop Dogg 9mm 89 BPM

Snoop Dogg Rap 100 BPM

Snoop Doggy Dogg Snoop's Up Side Your Head 100 BPM

Snoop Doggy Dogg Vapors 90 BPM

Snoop Doggy Dogg Who Am I (What's My Name) 97 BPM

Snoop Doggy Dogg Gin & Juice 96 BPM

Snoop Doggy Dogg From The Chuuuch… 98 BPM


Snow Patrol Chasing Cars 106 BPM

Snow Patrol Open Your Eyes 131 BPM

So Solid Crew 21 Seconds Radio 136 BPM

Soft Cell Where The Heart Is 96 BPM

Soft Cell Numbers 77 BPM

Soft Cell Torch 123 BPM

Soft Cell Bedsitter 145 BPM

Soft Cell Memorobilia 137 BPM

Soft Cell Say Hello Wave Goodbye 103 BPM

Soft Cell Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go? 145 BPM

Soft Cell What 152 BPM

Soft Cell Insecure Me 132 BPM

Soft Cell A Man Could Get Lost Dancing 139 BPM

Soft Cell Chips On My Shoulder 154 BPM

Soft Cell Sex Dwarf 150 BPM

Soft Cell Entertain Me 166 BPM

Soft Cell Facility Girls 109 BPM

Soft Cell Frustration 193 BPM

Soft Cell Fun City 144 BPM

Soft Cell Secret Life 130 BPM

Soft Cell Seedy Films 99 BPM

Soft Cell So 125 BPM

Soft Cell Youth 80 BPM

Soft Cell Baby Doll 90 BPM

Soft Cell Forever The Same 147 BPM

Soft Cell Heat 140 BPM

Soft Cell Hendrix Medley 110 BPM

Soft Cell Kitchen Sink Drama 66 BPM

Soft Cell Loving You Hating Me 112 BPM

Soft Cell Martin 147 BPM

Soft Cell The Art Of Falling Apart 155 BPM

Soft Cell Down In The Subway 170 BPM

Soft Cell L' Esqualita 101 BPM

Soft Cell Little Rough Rhinestone 134 BPM

Soft Cell Meet Murder My Angel 120 BPM

Soft Cell Mr Self Destruct 159 BPM

Soft Cell Slave To This 121 BPM

Soft Cell Soul Inside 151 BPM

Soft Cell Surrender (To A Stranger) 121 BPM

Soft Cell The Best Way To Kill 151 BPM

Soft Cell Where Was Your Heart? 121 BPM

Sophie Ellis Bextor Murder On The Dancefloor 117 BPM

Soul Asylum Misery 115 BPM

Soul Asylum Promises Broken 86 BPM

Soul II Soul Back 2 Life SOUL II SOUL 101 BPM

Soulwax Much Against Everyone's Advice 139 BPM

Soundgarden Black Hole Sun 105 BPM

Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside World 70 BPM

Soundgarden Fell On Black Days 101 BPM

Soundgarden Been Away Too Long 150 BPM

Spandau Ballet Gold 142 BPM

Spice Girls Goodbye 68 BPM

Spice Girls Holler 110 BPM

Spice Girls Say You’ll Be There 107 BPM

Spice Girls Say You'll Be There Junior's Main Pass 126 BPM

Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life 124 BPM

Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life Morales Carnival Club Mix 125 BPM

America Spice Girls Stop 128 BPM

Spice Girls Stop Morales Remix 128 BPM

Spice Girls Too Much 80 BPM

America Spice Girls 2 Become 1 72 BPM

Spice Girls Wannabe 110 BPM

Squarepusher Square Window 118 BPM

Squarepusher Talk About You And Me 108 BPM

Squarepusher Ultravisitor 149 BPM

Starsailor Good Souls 76 BPM

Starsailor Poor Misguided Fool 116 BPM

Steeler's Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You 124 BPM

Steely Dan Black Cow 46 BPM

MCA Steely Dan Josie 61 BPM

Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf The Second 112 BPM

MCA Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf 145 BPM

Stereo MCs All Night Long 90 BPM

Stereo MCs Chicken Shake 85 BPM

Stereo MCs Connected 101 BPM

Stereo MCs Creation 128 BPM

Stereo MCs Don't Let Up 109 BPM

Stereo MCs Everything 120 BPM

Stereo MCs Fade Away 124 BPM

Stereo MCs Ground Level 121 BPM

Stereo MCs Playing With Fire 95 BPM

Stereo MCs Pressure 107 BPM

Stereo MCs Sketch 101 BPM

Stereo MCs Step It Up 118 BPM

Stereo MCs The End 98 BPM

Stereophonics Have A Nice Day 121 BPM

Stereophonics Pick A Part That's New 99 BPM

Stereophonics Traffic 75 BPM

Steve Miller Band The Joker 84 BPM

Stevie Nicks Planets Of The Universe Illicit Vocal Dub 130 BPM

Stevie Nicks Secret Love 100 BPM

Reprise Stevie Nicks Stand Back 116 BPM

Stevie Nicks Sorcerer 125 BPM

Stevie Ray Vaughn House Is A Rockin 174 BPM

Stevie Wonder Higher Ground 124 BPM

Stevie Wonder So What The Fuss 88 BPM

Stevie Wonder Sir Duke 104 BPM

Soul Stevie Wonder Pastime Paradise 79 BPM

Soul Stevie Wonder Fun Day 87 BPM

Motown Stevie Wonder Superstitious 100 BPM

Stevie Wonder Another Star 122 BPM

Stevie Wonder I Wish 106 BPM

Sting After The Rain Has Fallen Radio Remix 112 BPM

Sting Brand New Day American Edit 105 BPM

Sting Demolition Man 155 BPM

Sting Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot 96 BPM

Sting Shape Of My Heart 84 BPM

Sting When We Dance 84 BPM

Sting You Still Touch Me 101 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Art School Girl 119 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby 123 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby 124 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Dancing Days 113 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Days Of The Week 116 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Down 134 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Heaven & Hot Rods 131 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Hollywood Bitch 120 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song 86 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Lady Picture Show 79 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots No Way Out 95 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Pretty Penny 86 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Revolution 115 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Sour Girl 104 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Tripping Through A Hole In A Paper 106 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Tumble In The Rough 136 BPM

Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline 169 BPM

Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight 112 BPM

Sugarhill Gang 8th Wander 110 BPM

Sugarhill Sugarhill Gang Sugar Hill Groove 112 BPM

Sugarhill Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalized 134 BPM

Sum 41 Fat Lip 98 BPM

Sum 41 The Hell Song 173 BPM

Sum 41 In Too Deep 116 BPM

Sum 41 Makes No Difference 217 BPM

Sum 41 Motivation 168 BPM

Sum 41 Still Waiting 192 BPM

Sum 41 What We're All About 107 BPM

Sum 41 Still Waiting 97 BPM

Sum 41 The Hell Song 86 BPM

Sum 41 No Reason 196 BPM

Supergrass Cheapskate 131 BPM

Supergrass Late In The Day 88 BPM

Survivor Eye Of The Tiger 90 BPM

Suzi Quatro Can The Can 177 BPM

Swedish House Mafia One 125 BPM

System Of A Down Aerials Album Version 80 BPM

System Of A Down Chop Suey 130 BPM

System Of A Down I-E-A-I-A-I-O 134 BPM

System Of A Down Innervision 120 BPM

System Of A Down Spiders 69 BPM

System Of A Down Sugar 130 BPM

System Of A Down Toxicity 76 BPM

System of A Down Boom! 155 BPM

System Of A Down Chop Suey 131 BPM

System of A Down Innervision 121 BPM

System of A Down ADD 118 BPM

System of a Down Toxicity 118 BPM

System of A Down Boom! 77 BPM

System Of A Down IEAIAIO 131 BPM

System Of A Down Toxicity 80 BPM



























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